John Deere 210


The John Deere 210 spectacés replaced John Deere 110 and was manufactured by JD from 1975 until his production ceased in 1987 in Horicon, Wisconsin. The largest version is the John Deere 212 while the smallest version in the same line is the John Deere 200. This article is going to focus almost exclusively on the grass cutter 210, but first we will briefly touch the theme of the theme of theJohn Deere 210LJ who is a commercial loader on current production for JD. Your PowerTech diesel engine, wet sleeve, provides 84 hp. It weighs 4720 kg (10, 405 lbs) and its loader has a boot capacity of 3583 kg (7, 900 lbs), while its spoon has a capacity of up to 0. 96 m3. Like all commercial vehicles produced by JD, it is also yellow, with black details. But enough to talk about JD 210LJ …

The John Deere 210 spectacle has a K241QS gasoline engine, 0. 4 liters, 1 cylinder, which produces 10 hp that are transmitted in 4 marches forward and only one in reverse. The corteped weighs 299 kg, measures 1. 16 m wide in its widest part and 1. 71 m long. Fortunately for users, the engine is started using a 1 2-volt battery that is loaded through an alternator, instead of a traction cable that was very common at the time. The fuel capacity of JD 210 is only 13. 2 liters (3. 5 US gallons).

The John Deere 210 was manufactured for a long time with hardly any changes, thanks to the fantastic design of John Deere engineers before this wonderful machine entered production. It can still be seen in use thanks to the quality of the pieces and the manufacturing process.

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