Snapper L1226E Snow Blower


Snapper L1226E snow blower is much larger than Snapper SS822E (which is 10 cm smaller than L1226E). It obtains its power of a 4-stratton Briggs and Stratton engine, which means that there is no need to manually mix gasoline and oil. Instead, the machine takes care of that by itself, just add the oil and gasoline separately to the machine. This Briggs and Stratton engine provides the 11. 5-foot-fourth snow blower with a raw torque that is more than enough for this 26 ″ snow blower.

The power of the snopper snow motor Snapper L1226E is transferred to the wheels through a friction disc transmission, which provides 6 marches when it moves forward and 2 for the reverse. This engine also operates the auger and the driver of this 2-stage launch. The auger is made of steel with toothed edges to quickly cut the snow and break it. As the sweep break the snow also passes it towards the driver. The driver’s function is to aspire the snow, break it into smaller pieces and expel it through the duct, far from the machine. The driver is also made of steel and consists of 3 blades. It has a diameter of 0. 3 m (12 inches).

Snapper L1226E QUITANIEVES Double stage uses Arctic Tract wheels that provide very good grip, even in slippery conditions, thanks to its thread specially designed for grip in snow and ice conditions. Each wheel has a width of 0. 13 m (5 inches) and a diameter of 0. 38 m (15 inches). You will also find reversible skates in the Snapper L1226E launch that allow you to control the height of the endless (this helps to stop unnecessary marks on the surface you are cleaning). The total weight of this snow blower is 112. 5 kg (248 lbs).

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