Simplicity ZT4000


The Simplicity ZT4000 Zero Turn Mower is very similar to the Simplicity Champion in that they both use the same engine. Both are marginally more powerful than the Simplicity ZT3000 mower. The ZT 4000 is equipped with a mower deck that has been constructed from fabricated steel. This mower deck has a 48-inch cutting width and has a number of very useful features. On the trailing edge of the deck is a roller that flattens the grass after cutting. On the leading edge of the deck are small anti-scale wheels that prevent the leading edge from scraping and scratching the surface of the turf it is running on.

The mower deck on the Simplicity ZT4000 can be adjusted from a height of 4. 5 inches above the ground to 1. 5 inches above the ground in 0. 5-inch increments. The engine that drives the mower deck is a Briggs & Stratton Extended Life Series engine rated at 26 HP. This transfers power to the wheels via a dual hydrostatic transmission. This dual hydrostatic gearbox allows the driver to control each rear wheel separately from the other with the twin roll bars in front of him.

The Simplicity ZT4000’s transmission gives it a top speed of 8 mph. The handling of the ZT 4000 is really simple and easy. There is no gear shift or steering wheel. Both power and direction are controlled by the ventral bars. There are a number of safety features built into this mower. Probably the most important is the roll bar (ROPS), but there is also an operator presence system that shuts off the engine the moment the seat is left. This machine is popular with both commercial operators and individuals.

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