John Deere 8335R


The John Deere 8335R is one of the largest models of the 8R range. If you are looking for something smaller, you may be interested in the John Deere 8285R or even the John Deere 8310R. All the construction and assembly of the tractor is carried out at the Waterloo plant, in Iowa. Like the rest of the tractors of line 8R, the JD 8335R is propelled by a Powertech PSX engine that JD designs and builds for itself. Due to JD’s commitment to the environment, the engine has Tier IV emissions, phase IIIB.

This engine that propels the John Deere 8335R is diesel and produces 335 hp. The total engine size is 9 liters. The air inlet into the engine is cleaned first passing through a doubl e-stage air filter that eliminates dust and other particles that could potentially obstruct the 6 cylinders. Starting the engine is easy thanks to the 2 12 V batteries that provide 925 cold starting amps. As with the other models of this series, you can choose between a JD Powershift transmission or an infinitely variable transmission. The rear jd 8335R hitch is of type 4n/3 and has a maximum secure elevation capacity of 8301 kg (18, 300 lbs). An optional front hitch for the tractor is also available. It is a 3N/2 hitch that has a maximum secure elevation capacity of 5579 kg (12, 300 lbs).

The John Deere 8335R sits on a 4 × 4 mfwd or ILS chassis. This gives a total wheelbase of 3. 05 m (120 inches) for MFWD chassis and 3. 02 m (119 inches) for the ILS chassis. The total weight of the MFWD model is 12, 346 kg, while the ILS model weighs 13, 722 kg. Like the other models of the 8R range, the JD 8335R is compatible with a front loader, the John Deere 843.

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