Simplicity Pivot-N-Go


The Simplicity Pivot-N-N-score series includes 3 different self-propelled butt but similar. These are the Simplicity LSPVH21875 that is operated by the Briggs & Stratton 875 series, the Simplicity SPVH21700 that is operated by the Briggs and Stratton 700 series engine and the Simplicity SPVH21775E that is driven by the Briggs and Stratton 775 Series engine. The three engines are launched using a traction and backward rope system.

The 3 of these Simplicity Pivot-N-G Simplicity use use a variable transmission of speed that gives a maximum speed of 6. 4 kilometers per hour (4 mph). The cuts of the corteped in the 3 cortespedes have a 2 1-inch cut width, although its total width is a bit larger than this. Within each platform there is a single double wave blade that cuts the grass quickly and effectively and pushes it towards the download duct. The height of the cutting platform of the 3 Pivot N ‘Go models can be adjusted from a minimum height of 1. 25 inches on the ground to a maximum height of 4 inches on the ground.

Unlike most of the hostages, the wheels of the simplicity pivot-n-go are quite small. The rear wheels each measure barely 9 × 2 (diameter of 9 inches, 1 inch width) while the front wheels each measure 8 × 2 ( 8-inch diameter, 2-inch width). The 3 models include a borrower to collect cut grass cuts, which makes the grass look much cleaner than if they simply download over the grass. If you are looking for a corter tractor of this brand, then you can find the Simplicity ZT4000, the Simplicity Citation or the Simplicity Cobalt Zero Giro Specked or the Simplicity Broadmoor Tractor Tractor Garden Specker to be quite appropriate to your needs.

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