Poulan PO12530LT


The Poulan PO12530LT Garden Tractor Mower is another quality riding mower from Poulan similar to the Poulan PO19542LT, except the PO 12530 LT is obviously slightly smaller and less powerful. The engine in the PO12530LT is a Briggs and Stratton that supplies 12. 5 hp to both the wheels and the mower deck. This gasoline engine transfers power to the wheels through a very simple 3-speed transmission. Most of today’s new lawn tractors offer a hydrostatic transmission, but since this one is quite small, you have to change gears to change speeds.

The deck of the Poulan PO12530LT mower has a cutting width of only 30 inches. This means that although it is a ride-on mower, it is really only suitable for gardens 0. 5 to 3 acres in size. For larger gardens, it is best to use a mower with a larger cutting width. The main advantage of being such a small riding mower is its tight turning radius compared to larger models. It has a minimum turning radius of only 16 inches.

The fuel tank on the Poulan PO12530LT can hold up to 5. 7 liters (1. 5 US gallons) of gasoline, which would indicate that this machine is primarily used in residential environments. When shipped, the weight of the machine is 181. 9 kg (401 lbs). While it’s easy to dump grass clippings off the side of the mower deck, you also have the option of using a bagger to collect clippings or a mulching kit to turn clippings into nutritious mulch. If you have ever owned or used a PO 12530 LT, please leave a comment about it below to let others know what to expect from it, good or bad. Click here to purchase the Poulan PO12530LT.

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