New Holland 63CS Snow Blower


The New Holland 63CS snow blower is far superior to snow blowers like the New Holland 50CS or even the New Holland 836GS. The 63 CS has an impressive 1. 6m (63in) width of cut and a very respectable 0. 56m (22in) height of cut. However, the actual cutting depth of the snow blower can be greatly increased simply by adding optional drift cutters to each side of the snow blower.

The New Holland 63CS Snow Blower can be attached to the front of New Holland TC29D, TC29DA, TC33D and TC33DA models using the quick-attach bracket system which allows you to get up and running very quickly. The auger inside the “bucket” of the 63CS has a 14-inch diameter that easily breaks up snow before sending it toward the impeller. The impeller consists of 4 fan-shaped blades that give it a diameter of 0. 46 m (18 inches). This pusher has enough power to send snow down the chute more than 30′ away from the machine.

If you don’t like having to constantly get out of the tractor cab to adjust the duct direction, you’ll be relieved to know that there are optional electronic and hydraulic ducts. These are set up so that you can control the rotation of the hopper without ever leaving the cab. The total weight of the New Holland 63CS snow blower is 200 kg, which can cause the tractor’s rear wheels to lose grip and lower their contact pressure with the ground. To counteract this, the best thing to do is to add ballast to the rear of the tractor. There is also a variant of this model called the New Holland 63CSH snow blower.

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