John Deere 7500 E-Cut Hybrid


The John Deere 7500 E-Cut Hybrid fairway mower is a special mower developed by the JD team for mowing fairways on golf courses. The JD 7500 mower is incredibly powerful (it almost looks more like a tractor than a mower). It gets its power from a Yanmar diesel engine that supplies the machine with 37. 1 hp. It is a cylinder model with a total volume of 1, 496 liters. It uses a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating and a dry-type, dual-stage air filter to prevent dust and other small particles from entering the combustion chamber and clogging it. The fuel tank of this mower can contain a maximum of 66. 6 liters of diesel.

The John Deere 7500 E-Cut Hybrid transmits power from the engine to the wheels via a hydrostatic pump. You have the option of a four-wheel drive system. The wheels through which power is transferred all have turf threads. The front wheels of the JD 7500 ECut Hybrid mower each measure 26. 5×14-12 (26. 5-inch diameter, 14-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter) while the rear wheels are slightly smaller, each measuring 20×10-8 (20-inch diameter, 10-inch width, 8-inch rim diameter). The pressure that these wheels transmit to the ground is only 10 psi, which means they will leave virtually no marks. The hydraulic system of this mower has a capacity of up to 45. 4 liters of hydraulic fluid.

In total there are 5 cutting units attached to the front of this mower, each having a 22-inch cutting width. Together they give a total cutting width of 100 inches. Cutting reels come with either seven or eleven blades. The front roller on each mowing unit has a 2-inch diameter while the optional rear roller has a 3-inch diameter. If you’re looking for other JD mowers used on golf courses, check out the John Deere 7200 Precision Cut or the John Deere 7400 TerrainCut.

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