Toro LX426


The Toro LX426 Garden Cortor Tractor is incredibly similar to many of the other Toro LX series of the Toro LX series that includes the Toro LX423 and Toro LX425 bulls as well as the LX427 bull. This versatile tractor obtains its power of an intekic monocylindrical engine designed and manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. The engine uses an air cooling system to prevent the engine from getting too hot. There is a totally pressurized lubrication system in this engine to keep everything working without problems. This engine also has an oil filter.

The LX426 bull is fortunately automatic thanks to its continuous variable transmission. He also has cruise control to help make his life easier when cutting long grass sections, as on the side of a alley. The maximum speed of the LX426 forward is 8. 8 km/h, while reverse reaches a maximum speed of 3. 7 km/h. The rear wheels through which the power is transferred in this cutter measure 20 × 8 (20 inches in diameter, 8 inches wide), while the front wheels that are responsible for the direction of the cutter measure 15 × 6 (15inches in diameter, 6 inches wide).

The platform of the cutter that comes with the LX426 bull as standard is 42 inches wide (as in the cutting width it is 42 inches). This cutting platform can be updated to a cutting platform with a 5 0-inch cutting width. For the treatment of grass cuts, you have the option to pick them up, download them on the side and again on the grass or pick them up in a rear tidner to leave your grass with an incredibly clean appearance. The platform is adjustable up and down in small increases so that you can always obtain the cutting height you want for your grass.

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