John Deere 7810


The John Deere 7810 is the monitoring version of the John Deere 7800. This tractor is part of the 7010 series manufactured by John Deere.

The production of John Deere 7810 began in 1997. Production was interrupted in 2003. All production was carried out in the US.

JD 7810 is known for its super powerful engine. It has a 6-cylinder and 175 hp engine designed by John Deere. With such a high motor power, it is obvious that this model has a fuel storage capacity on the upper side and can store up to 344 liters of fuel. The John Deere 7810 has a liquid cooling system and can store up to 25 liters of refrigerant.

The John Deere 7810 is available in three different transmission types. It has Powrquad, Powershift and Variable Infinity transmission.

Powrquad transmission has 16 marches forward and behind. The Powershift transmission consists of 7 marches back and 19 marches forward. The variable infinity transmission has an infinite number of marches both forward and backward. However, the Variable Infinity version was only available in 2003, unlike the other two types, which were available much earlier.

The shipping weight of John Deere 7810 is 13, 910 pounds. The operating weight is 14, 142 pounds, while the weight weighed reaches 15, 730 pounds. JD 7810 has a wheelbase of just over 100 inches. It has a height of 118 inches.

Powrquad and Powershift motor tests were carried out in 1997. Both tests were performed with diesel engine. The average fuel consumption of TDF in both cases was exactly 9. 2 gallons per hour. The maximum fuel consumption in the spear was 9. 3 gal/h in the case of the Powrquad engine and 9. 0 gal/h in the case of the Powershift engine.

Infinity variable transmission motor tests were performed in the last week of April 2002. In this case, the average fuel consumption of the TDF was 9. 7 gal/h.

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