Massey Ferguson 390


The Massey Ferguson 390 is part of the same series of tractors as Massey Ferguson 399. Both belong to the Massey Ferguson 300 series. This series of MF tractors proved to be extremely popular and, as such, continued to leave the production line for more10 years, from 1986 to the cessation of production in 1997. The MF 390 left the factory with an A4. 248 Natural Aspiration diesel engine. This 4-cylinder engine uses a liquid cooling system that needs 15. 1 liters of refrigerant to fill completely if it starts from zero. The engine is obviously smaller than its older brother, Massey Ferguson 399 and has a power of 81 hp. This Perkins engine requires 7. 6 liters of oil to keep it correctly lubricated if it is filled from a vacuum.

In the Massey Ferguson 390 you can choose between 3 transmissions. The first provides the tractor 8 marches on the forward and 2 in reverse, the second is a multi-power transmission of partial change that provides 12 marches on the forward and 4 in reverse. The last transmission is a synchronized transmission that also provides the MF 390 12 speeds in advance and 4 in reverse.

The Massey Ferguson 390 engine can be mounted on a 4 × 2wd chassis or in a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis. As each chassis has different dimensions, the total dimensions of the tractor also vary. The MF 390 with the 4 × 2 2wd chassis weighs 2746 kg (6055 lbs), has a wheelbase of 2. 13 m (84. 1 inches) and measures 3. 66 m (144. 4 inches) long. It has a distance to the floor of 0. 25 m (10 inches). The MF 390 4WD model is much heavier, weighs 3, 295 kg (7, 266 pounds), has a wheelbase of 2. 34 m (92. 5 inches) and measures 3. 88 m (152. 8 inches) long. The distance to the floor of the total traction version is slightly higher, of 0. 33 m (13 inches). The best thing about Massey Ferguson 390 is that it is compatible with a large number of implements. It can house many in the rear, as well as many front loaders, such as the Massey Ferguson 838 front loader.

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