Bad Boy 5200 Lightning Z


The Bad Boy 5200 Lightning Z is part of the Bad Boy Lightning Z series of zer o-rotation cortes that includes another 2 models, the Bad Boy 6000 Lightning Z and the Bad Boy 7200 Lightning Z. The 5200 Lightning Z Speech can be equipped with 2different motors. The least powerful engine is a kawasaki that produces only 26 hp of its double cylinder. This engine has a total displacement of 0. 745 liters and is refrigerated by liquid. The most powerful engine is a Kohler Command model that is also a 2-cylinder gasoline engine. This engine is refrigerated by liquid. Both engines use an automotive air filter to clean the impurities fuel before mixing with air entrance.

The Zero Bad Boy 5200 Lightning Z gyrus cutting drives the rear wheels using the engine through a double hydrostatic transmission system. It is a hydro-gear transmission that allows the speed and direction to be controlled (forward or back) of each rear wheel regardless of the other. This transmission system provides the zer o-roto 5200 Badboy Lightning Z to a maximum speed of 20. 9 km/h forward. Its speed and direction are controlled by the back bars located in front of the driver.

The Zero Bad Boy 5200 Lightning Z spi n-spin cuts control its speed by means of a drum braking system. The 5200 Lightning Z cutter platform has a 5 2-inch cutting width. This platform houses 3 1 8-inch blades long each. The blades have a very long cutting life thanks to the fact that they have been thermally treated. The cutcase platform uses a strap transmission system to turn the blades and has a wide cutting range of 3. 5 inches, from a minimum of 1. 5 inches to a maximum of 5 inches above the ground.

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