John Deere 9530T


The tractor John Deere 9530T is the second heaviest tractor currently available from JD. It weighs the amazing figure of 19, 504 kg without ballast and without the 3-point hitch or the TDF. Do not forget that the fuel tank of this model has capacity for 1, 207 liters of diesel, which means that its weight can increase a lot from 19, 504 kg, especially if it pulls a heavy load and the tractor needs ballast. In addition to its weight, the other striking feature of JD 9530T is the fact that it has no wheels. Instead use caterpillars.

Using the John Deere 9530t that has caterpillars instead of his twin brother El John Deere 9530 that has no caterpillars (it has wheels) has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the caterpillars is that they are not sank both on the ground and the tires. Other advantages are the smoothness of march and the greatest traction on different surfaces. It also has greater stability in pending. However, caterpillars also have some disadvantages: it is much more difficult to direct them when a great load is dragged. There is also a great possibility that there are problems with the TDF and the shooting bar when making very closed turns with the JD 9530t.

Therefore, it is very important to take into account both positive and negative aspects before running to buy a 9530T John Deere 9530t to buy the machine that best suits their drag needs. The wheelbase of JD 9530T measures 2. 94 m (116 inches). If you are looking for a similar but more powerful drag tractor instead of wheels, then you should take a look at John Deere 9630t.

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