Massey Ferguson 35


The Massey Ferguson 35 is probably the most famous of all Massey. He took over from Fe 35. His production began in 1960 and continued for 5 years, until 1965. If he sees an original MF 35, if it is preserved as a collector’s piece, it is most likely not to carry an antivuelque bar. However, many small farmers who have maintained their MF 35 in good operation have added an antivuelque bar as an additional security measure.

If you bought an original MF 35, you will have acquired it with one of the four engines that were included as standard:

  • A 3-cylinder perkins, diesel model
  • 4-cylinder continental, gasoline model
  • A 4 Standard cylinders, diesel model
  • A 4 standard cylinders, gasoline model

The Massey Fergusson 35 has a wheelbase of 182 cm (6 feet) and a length of 297 cm (9. 75 feet). The MF 35 weighs 1352 kg for the gasoline model and 1614 kg for the diesel model.

The MF 35 has a maximum power of 37 hp, which today is not much (taking into account that some John Deere hostages with driver can boast engines of about 20 hp), but at the time it was quite reasonable for the teamI had to drag. It came optionally with a tw o-stage clutch and had a fuel tank with capacity for 38. 6 liters of fuel. It reached a maximum speed of 23. 4 km/h (14. 6 mph) forward in 6th march and 11. 4 km/h (7. 1 mph) in its upper back.

The Massey Ferguson 35 was the first MF tractor that was painted with Massey’s traditional red and gray painting, while Massey Ferguson 35 Turf Special was painted yellow. The MF 35 Turf Special was the only manufactured variant of the MF 35 range. The MF 35 was also the first Massey Ferguson tractor to wear the triple triangle logo in the front.

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