Massey Ferguson 290


The Massey Ferguson 290 is the tractor that took over from Massey Ferguson 275 in 1983. It is the largest model of Massey Ferguson 270, although it also has an older brother, Massey Ferguson 298. It was manufactured for 3 years, until 1986. TheMF 290 is propelled by a Diesel Perkins AD4. 248 4-cylinder with natural aspiration. This engine has a 4. 1-liter displacement and is refrigerated by liquid. It can be preheated in cold conditions by means of an optional block heater or ether. Air admission uses a double dry element air filter to make sure the air is clean of dust particles and other waste before entering the combustion chambers. The Perkins AD4. 248 produces a maximum of 66 hp. The engine is launched by a 12 volt battery that is loaded with an alternator to choose between one of 32 amps or one of 45 amps. The 290 engine is based on two chassis to choose, one 4 × 2wd or a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd.

The fuel tank of Massey Ferguson 290 has capacity for 79. 5 liters of diesel. The MF 290 hydraulic system is open and requires 41. 6 liters of hydraulic fluid to fill it completely. The hydraulic system works at a maximum pressure of 3000 psi. Use a 3-point category 2 hitch in the rear for implements. He will be happy to know that the tractor uses assisted direction, so it is very unlikely to lose control of the machine during its operation.

The weight and size of the Massey Ferguson 290 vary depending on whether it is made with a double traction or double traction chassis. The 4 RM chassis gives the tractor a total weight of 2990 kg (6592 lbs) at the time of transport. It has a wheelbase of 2. 29 m (90. 2 inches), a length of 3. 88 m (153. 1 inches) and a width of 2. 15 m (85 inches). The 2WD chassis provides the Massey Ferguson 290 a lower shipping weight of 2, 500 kg (5, 512 lb) and a wheelbase much less than 2. 13 m (84 inches). The length of the 2WD is slightly lower, 3. 83 m (150. 8 inches), while it is equally width as its 4WD twin, 2. 15 m (85 inches).

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