Kubota B3030


The compact utilitarian agricultural tractor Kubota B3030 is one of Kubota’s newest models. It obtains its power from a V1505-E2-D2, 4-cylinder engine. This diesel engine has a 30 hp power of its 1. 5-liter engine. Motor overheating is avoided by a liquid cooling system. To completely fill the cooling system from a vacuum, it is necessary to fill it with 4. 4 liters of refrigerant. Air admission is purified by a double element of paper air filter to avoid dust accumulation and other small particles in motor combustion chambers. The engine power is transmitted to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission box. This type of transmission provides infinite marches in 3 different ranges.

Although Kubota B3030 is a relatively small compact tractor, it uses hydrostatic assisted direction to help the operator maintain control of the vehicle. Control increases even more by using wet disc brakes. The fuel tank capacity is 30. 7 liters of diesel.

The Kubota B3030 is compatible with a wide range of implements coupled to the tractor through its hitch of 3 points of category 1. The rear elevation capacity of the 3-point hook is 970 kg, which means that although the tractor is quiteSmall, you can work with quite large and heavy implements and accessories. The tractor comes standard with an antivuelco bar (Rops) or a cabin. The Kubota B3030 is much lighter if it only carries the antivuelco bar, with a weight of only 840 kg, but with the cabin weighs a little more, 1030 kg. The tractor wheelbase is 1. 66 m (65. 6 inches), while its width is 1. 36 m (53. 8 inches). The length of the machine varies depending on whether it is built with cabin or antivuelco bar. With cabin, it measures 2. 63 m, while with an antivuelco bar it measures something less, 2. 51 m.

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