Toro TimeCutter SS4200


The Zero Toro Timecutter SS4200 Giro Speech has a zer o-inch turn radius, so it is ideal for grass cut with many different and difficult access areas. The engine that operates the SS 4200 is a Kohler with a double element air filter. This engine provides 19 hp. This activates the cutting platform that has a 4 2-inch cutting width. This 4 2-inch platform consists of 2 blades, not one. This means that for a much softer and cleaner finish on the grass after cutting.

This cutting platform in the Timecutter SS4200 bull can be lifted from a height of 1. 5 inches from the ground to a height of 4. 5 inches above the grass. The elevation and descent of the cutting platform is carried out by an optional pedal. The operator can acquire an optional borrower to collect the grass cuts. Or if you do not want to collect the cuts you can add instead a recycler kit to the Time Cutter SS 4200 to spray the grass cuts in a nutritious mulch of rapid decomposition.

The Zero Toro Timecutter SS4200 Toro Setacésped Seat has a high 1 5-inch support that makes its handling for long periods quite comfortable. If you are looking for SS 4200 SS 4200, then you should consider the Timecutter SS3600 bull that has a smaller cut platform or the Timecutter SS4235 bull that has the same size cut platform, only that it is more powerful. The Toro Smartspeed smart system allows the operator to select a range of speeds for the corteped, so if you are working in an open area, a high speed can be fixed. But if it is operating in a closed area that requires slow and precise control, then you can select a much slower speed.

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