John Deere 8285R


The Tractor John Deere 8285R is a step forward with respect to other tractors of the 8R series, such as the John Deere 8235R or the John Deere 8260R, since it has a more powerful engine and also weighs a little more. The total weight of JD 8285R is 13, 722 kg for the ILS model and 12, 346 kg for the MFWD model. This high weight needs a powerful engine and that is why it uses a JD Powertech PSX engine that provides 285 hp to the wheels. This engine is launched by a group of two 12 volt batteries that provide the 925 cold starting amps. These two batteries are recharged by a 200 amps alternator that works when the engine is running.

The engine of the John Deere 8285R tractor has a 9-liter displacement and incorporates double turbochargers. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and uses a doubl e-stage air filter to avoid the entry of particles and dust into the combustion chamber. The JD 8285R engine is a 6-cylinder model. The engine fuel tank has capacity for 695 liters of diesel. The engine activates the hydraulic system that works at a pressure of 200 bars (2900 psi). This hydraulic system is the one that activates the front loader.

While the John Deere 8285R has the ability to use a John Deere H480 front charger, it is mainly used as a drag tractor. As a result, there are a number of different ballast configurations available to attach both to the front of the tractor and peso pesos and the wheels. If you are the owner of a JD 8285R or have ever used one, then please leave a comment from it below, comparing it with similar tractors manufactured by other brands so that people have an idea of what it is to possess and operate.

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