Ariens Pro Zoom 60


The Ariens Pro Zoom 60-Inch Zero-Turn Mower is Ariens’ largest and most powerful zero-turn mower. It belongs to the Pro Zoom series of mowers, which includes the smaller Ariens Pro Zoom 52 mower (which is a stand-up mower) and the Ariens Pro Zoom 54 zero-turn mower. The Pro Zoom is also known under the model number 992807. This mower is powered by a Kawasaki FX series engine that pumps out 27 horsepower to power the wheels and blades. The engine is large, measuring 0. 852 liters. The air entering the engine is purified of particles by a double element air filter. The powerful Kawasaki engine gives the Ariens Pro Zoom 60 a top speed of 20. 9 km/h, making it very agile. Engine power is delivered to the rear wheels via a hydrostatic transmission that allows the operator to control rear wheel speeds independently.

The deck of the Ariens Pro Zoom 60-Inch Zero-Turn Mower is made of highly durable 7-gauge steel. This mower deck has a 60-inch cutting width and has 3 blades. The maximum blade speed is 18, 500 fpm (feet per minute) when measured from the tip. The mower deck has a wide range of cutting heights from 1 inch above the ground to 6 inches above the ground. The mower deck is raised and lowered using a foot pedal.

The Ariens Pro Zoom 60-inch zero-turn mower is heavy at 544. 8 kg (1, 201 lbs). This weight is supported by all 4 wheels of the Pro Zoom 60. Each rear wheel measures 24×12-12 (24-inch diameter, 12-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter) while each front wheel measures 13×6-6 (13-inch diameter, 6-inch width, 6-inch rim diameter). This model also comes with a folding roll bar (ROPS) to protect the driver.

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