John Deere 240


The John Deere 240 mower is a fairly early riding mower that was manufactured at the Horicon, Wisconsin plant over a period of 5 years, from 1987, when it started rolling off the assembly line, until 1992, when production ended.. Since John Deere mowers weren’t particularly powerful at the time, the JD 240 had a 14hp motor to drive the blade and drive it forward. This engine is a Kawasaki FC420V, naturally aspirated gasoline model. The single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 0. 4 liters (26 cu in). Engine overheating is prevented by an air cooling system. The engine uses a 12-volt battery starting system to get going. Once the engine is running, a 13-amp alternator recharges the battery.

The transmission in the John Deere 240 that gets the power to the wheels is a Kanzaki shift transmission. This gives the JD 240 6 gears when moving forward and 1 gear when reversing. Its top speed is 11. 3 km/h. The fuel capacity of the gasoline tank is 11. 4 liters (3 US gallons) which is enough to give you more than 2 hours of continuous operation without refilling. This mower is built primarily for mowing lawns and as such can accommodate either a 38-inch mower deck or a 46-inch mower deck. Keep in mind that the overall width of the mower with these mower decks attached will be much greater than your width of cut due to their discharge wings.

There are also a number of other implements that can be attached to the John Deere 240. These include a 42-inch snow blower. These include a 42-inch snow blower and a 46-inch front blade. If you are looking for a larger version of this mower, then you may be interested in the John Deere 260. If you own a JD 240, please leave a comment below to let others know what you like and don’t like. like him.

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