Kubota ZG327


The Kubota ZG327 Zero Turn Mower is one of the most powerful models in the Kubota Z Series which also includes the Kubota ZD331. If you are looking for something that is not as powerful, then you may be interested in the Kubota ZD323 or the Kubota ZD326 mowers. There are actually 2 variations of the ZG 327, which differ very little; these are the Kubota ZG327P-60 and the Kubota ZG327RP-60 mowers. Both have a mower deck with a 60-inch cutting width that houses 3 small blades. The mower is prevented from scraping or cutting the ground it is running on by small anti-scuff wheels located on the leading edge and trailing edge of the mower deck. The mower deck can be raised up to 5 inches above the ground and lowered to 1 inch above the ground in small 0. 25-inch increments.

The Kubota ZG327 zero-turn mower gets its power from a 27hp gasoline-powered engine. This air-cooled 2-cylinder engine has a displacement of 0. 768 liters. Intake air is first purified through a heavy-duty cartridge air filter that removes particulates before it enters the engine and mixes with fuel. The ZG 327’s engine is started by a 12-volt battery that supplies 285 cold cranking amps to the engine. The battery is recharged by a 13. 4 amp alternator.

The Kubota ZG327 mower uses a 2-HST hydrostatic transmission which makes it automatic. The speed and direction of the ZG-327 are controlled by the lap bars located in front of the operator. This means you never have to worry about a steering wheel or pedals. Braking is by pedal-actuated wet disc brakes. If you have owned or operated this mower then please feel free to leave your opinion below describing what you liked and disliked about it.

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