Husqvarna 11524E Crown Series Dual Stage Snow Blower


The QUITANEVES HUSQVARNA 11524E CROWN SERIES DUAL STAGE may not have a cleaning width as wide as that of some of its compatriots such as the chitanieves Husqvarna 11527SB or the chitanieves husqvarna 1830HV or even the chitantes Husqvarna 1830sb. Its cleaning width is only 0. 61 m (24 inches). However, this double stage launches is the favorite of many professionals who need a small, compact but powerful launch to take care of heavy snow in confined areas. Thanks to its 4-stratton Briggs and Stratton engine that has a 0. 2 5-liter displacement, this snow blower eats the snow very compacted happily.

The interesting thing about the doubl e-stage quotes Husqvarna 11524E Crown Series is that it is almost as wide as high. Its cleaning width is 0. 61 m (24 inches) while its entrance measures 0. 58 m (23 inches). When the snow enters the machine, it first meets the end of 0. 3 m (12 inches) in diameter, whose teeth of steel easily cut the snow and ice. Once the snow and ice have been properly sprayed by this powerful endless, they pass to the second part of the process, the driver. The driver has the same diameter as the auger, 0. 3 m (12 inches), and consists of 3 steel blades. This aspires and spits the snow through the duct.

The tw o-stage snow blower Husqvarna 11524E Crown Series is made of steel and can rotate up to 200 degrees, which means that you will always find an address to throw the snow. This duct is controlled from the operator’s position along with the deflector located at the top of the duct. If you are someone who deals very regularly from the heavy compacted snow, then you should consider this dual snowboard from the crown series stage because you have a weight bar. This weight bar can be loaded with pesos to help the force of the sweep down on the compacted snow, instead of the owner has to tilt and the inclination of the snow blower to get to cut the compacted snow and the ice.

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