Kubota T2080


The Kubota T2080 cutter tractor is the mediu m-sized machine of the Kubota garden tractors. It is propelled by a Kubota GH710V engine. This gas engine is air cooled and has a displacement of 0. 725 liters. This 2-cylinder engine produces 20 hp and is launched with a 1 2-volt battery. The transmission of T 2080 is hydrostatic, which further facilitates its handling, since it is not necessary to change the march. Instead, you control the velocésped speed with the accelerator pedal and brake pedal that controls the disc brakes. The fuel tank of this corter tractor can contain up to 15 liters of gasoline.

The Kubota T2080 is a fairly large machine. Its total weight is 280 kg when the cutting platform is coupled. It measures 1. 85 m long and has a wheelbase of 1. 29 m. The T 2080 is compatible with a cutting platform that has a 4 2-inch cutting width. This cutting platform consists of 2 blades that work together to give their grass a more uniform cut than with a single blade. The grass cutter platform gets up and lowers a dial calibrator that raises the 1-inch down platform on the ground to a 4-inch high on Earth. If you are looking for a T series cut with a greater mowing width, then you should take a look at the Kubota T2380.

The maximum speed of the Kubota T2080 is quite reasonable at 9 kph (5. 6 mph) when the brakes are used. The T2080 is also quite agile in the garden with a minimum rotation radius of only 76 inches (1. 9 m). If you prefer a similar model with less power, the Kubota T1880 can be liked.

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Five years of property and little real experience of use.

It is expensive, but in general I am happy after 8 years and I hope to have it for a long time.

I will never buy anything that is named Kubota. I try to speak to the whole world of the host. The concessionaire does not help.

mowing well when the guarantee works is misleading excessive price taking into account

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