John Deere 260C


The Golf Golf Green Speaker John Deere 260C is a model similar to sel f-propelled cutters for Golf Golf John Deere 180C and John Deere 220c. The engine that operates the JD 260C is a Honda GX120. This engine works with gasoline and remains cold by means of an air cooling system. The Honda engine is 4 times and shoots with a compression ratio of 8: 5: 1. The engine produces a power of 3. 5 hp. The maximum engine oil capacity is 0. 57 liters. The fuel tank of this corteped can contain up to 2. 5 liters.

The John Deere 260C mowing part has a 2 6-inch cut width. This corteped does not have a single rotating sheet like you will find in the regular JD thrusts such as the John Deere JS25 or the John Deere JS35’s thrust cortes. Instead, it has a cylinder/cutting reel to which 7 or 11 blades are coupled. The blades are manufactured with thermally treated steel, which gives them a much longer useful life than without treating steel. At the front of the JD 260 C you will find a plastic grass collector. As the grass collector is filled with cuts and becomes heavier, its weight will not affect the cutting, since its weight is transferred to the wheels and not to the cutting unit.

The total width of the Golf Golf Green John Deere 260C is 41. 3 inches. Its total length is 37 inches and at its highest point, it is 47 inches. The weight of JD 260C comes to 106. 8 kilograms (235 pounds). If you have never used this grass of grass, then make sure to leave a review of it down, make sure of contouring what you liked and what you did not like.

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