John Deere 7700 PrecisionCut


The John Deere 7700 Precious streets were specifically designed for the maintenance of golf courses. The purchase of this machine for use in residential environments can potentially be a great loss of money. The JD 7700 precision cut is propelled by a Yanmar engine that supplies the mowing units and wheels up to 37. 1 hp. It is a 3-cylinder diesel model that has a total volume of 1, 496 liters. Motor overheating is avoided thanks to a liquid cooling system that uses a centrifugal fluid pump. The fuel tank of this machine can contain up to 66. 6 liters of diesel.

The total cutting width of the John Deere 7700 Precision cortence is 100 inches. This cutting width consists of 5 individual harvest units, each of which has a 2 2-inch cut width. There are 3 cut units at the front, and 2 more located just behind them. There is a selection of mills (cutting cylinders) that are compatible with these mowing units in the JD 7700. The first option has 5 blades in the mill, the second option has 8 blades and the third has 10 blades. Each of the reels has the same 7-inch diameter.

The maximum speed of the John Deere 7700 Precision Corteped is 20. 1 km/h (12. 5 km/h) moving without the coupled cut units. When the harvest units are coupled, the maximum machine speed is 12. 8 km/h. When the JD 7700 goes back, its maximum speed is 6. 4 km/h. The total weight of the machine with each mowing unit with an eigh t-blade mill is 1080 kg (2381 lbs). Including the antivuelco bar (ROPS), the total height of the street cutter is 2. 15 m (85 inches). With the coupled collects, it has a total length of 2. 92 m (115 inches). The total width of the machine is 2. 21 (87 inches). A model very similar to this is the John Deere 7500 E-Cut Hybrid.

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