Kubota M96S


There are actually 2 slightly different Kubota M96S tractor models. One is the Kubota M96SH while the other model is the Kubota M96SDS. There are some differences between these models, including the gearbox and the chassis. However, both use the same engine. This is a V3800-DI-T diesel engine. This turbocharged engine is a 4-cylinder model with a displacement of 3, 769 liters. The engine runs at 2, 600 rpm and has a power of 95 hp. The engine provides the PTO with a maximum of 84 hp. The battery used to start the engine is recharged by a 45 amp alternator.

The Kubota M96SH tractor comes with a gearbox that gives it 16 speeds traveling forward and 16 in reverse as well. However, there is the option of a transmission with 24 forward gears and reverse as well. On the Kubota M96SDS you have a gearbox that has 32 speeds that move forward and reverse, with the option to upgrade to a transmission that gives you 48 gears both forward and reverse. Both M96S tractors use a hydraulic wet-disc clutch to change gear, while hydraulic wet-disc braking is used to slow down. The SH is built on a 2WD chassis and therefore only has a locking rear diff, while the SDS is built on a 4WD chassis and has both a front and rear diff lock.

The length of the Kubota M96S is 4. 15 m (163 in) and its wheelbase is 2. 44 m (96 in). The M96SH weighs 2, 840 kg, while the M96SDS model is much heavier at 3, 370 kg. Other similarly powered Kubota M-series models include the Kubota M100X and the Kubota M9540. If you have owned or currently own this tractor, please leave a review below stating what you like or dislike about it.

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