Kubota M7040SU


The Special Utractor Kubota M7040SU is remarkably similar to the Kubota M5640SU tractor. However, there is a big difference. This is the power of the 2 tractors. The M5640SU only has 56 hp, while the M7040SU has 68 hp. This 68 hp engine is of the e-cdis type that uses direct injection, which facilitates the start in cold mornings. The diesel engine is prevented from hoting too using a liquid cooling system. This system uses natural aspiration and has a displacement of 3, 331 liters. The 4-cylinder engine is started with a 12 volt battery. This battery is recharged with a 45 amps alternator after turning on the engine.

The Kubota M7040SU is quite easy to control thanks to its hydrostatic assisted direction, differential lock and multiplical humid disc brakes. The engine feeds the hydraulic system that has a pumping capacity for the hitch of 3 points of 41. 6 liters per minute (11 gallons/min). This 3-point hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1500 kg (3310 lbs). When buying the M 7040 its new, you have the option to acquire it with a hitch of 3 points of category 1 or category 2. Unfortunately, this tractor does not come with the 3-point hitch option. Unfortunately this tractor does not come with a cabin option. Instead, it comes with an open driving position that is not ideal for people who have very cold winters. It comes with an antivuelco bar (Rops).

The Kubota M7040SU E-CDIS transfers the power to the wheels first by passing the power through a gearbox. This transmission provides the 8-speed forward and 4 reverse speeds. The gear change is performed by a dry cave clutch. The M7040SU has the option of a front loader. There is also a variant of this tractor called Kubota M7040SUH. Please leave a comment on this tractor, letting people know what he liked or even what he did not like. Be sure to mention any accessory or implement you use with it.

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