Cub Cadet Tank S7237


The Zero Cub Cadet Tank S7237 Giro Cadet Specked is quite similar to Cub Cadet Tank S7232D except that Tank S 7237 is much more powerful. You can also choose between 2 different engines. The normal Tank S7237 has a tw o-cylinder gasoline Kawasaki engine with head valves produced by 37 hp. This engine has a displacement of 0. 999 liters and is air refrigerated. The engine has a pressure lubrication system and feeds with gasoline of a set of twin fuel deposits that can contain up to 53 liters (14 gallons USA) gasoline. The Cub Cadet Tank S7237LP uses liquid propane to feed. This liquid propane engine is also a kawasaki with a power of 37 hp. This liquid propane engine also uses a full pressure lubrication system and also has a displacement of 0. 999 liters. The engine obtains its fuel from a set of 33 lb LP gas twin deposits, mounted on both sides of the driver.

In addition to the engine, both the Cub Cadet Tank S7237 and the CUB Cadet Tank S7237LP have the same cutting platform and controls. The cutting of the corteped on both machines has a 7 2-inch cut width, although with the unloading channel attached to the side, it is a little wider than this. The total weight of the tank S 7237LP is 700. 8 kg, while the normal tank S 7237 weighs 698. 5 kg less.

The cutting platform of both Cub Cadet Tank S7237 cadet can adjust from a minimum height of 2. 5 cm above the ground to a maximum height of 5 cm above the ground. The platform is floating and settles on a suspension of 6 points that, together with the ant i-decamation wheels, forces it to follow the contours of the ground as it moves on it, even if the terrain is irregular.

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