Kubota M100X


The Kubota M100X tractor is part of the AG class of medium size within the M series of Kubota tractors. It is the smallest in the AG class. He obtains its power of the V3800-Ti-Frs engine. This engine has a displacement of 3, 769 liters and uses an intercover turbocharger that provides a total power of 97. 7 hp. Provides TDF up to 85 hp. The M 100X engine uses a liquid cooling system to help keep it cold and has a doubl e-type dr y-type air filter to clean the air inlet of dust and other small particles before it enters the combustion chamber. The engine uses a key boot system and a 1 2-volt battery that supplies 900 cold starting amps. The battery is recharged with an 80 amps alternator during operation.

The Kubota M100X fuel tank has capacity for 190 liters of diesel. The engine transmits the power to the tractor wheels through 2 Intelli-Shift gearboxes. The first transmission provides the tractor for 24 speeds running forward and 24 also in reverse. The other transmission provides 16 speeds running forward and 16 in reverse. M100 x marches are changed by a hydraulic clutch of multiple discs in oil bath. The tractor is slowed down by wet hydraulic drive disc brakes.

The total weight of the Kubota M100X tractor is 4020 kg. It has a quite decent minimum turn radius of 3. 8 m when the brakes are not used and continues in 4×4 mode. In summary, the tractor m 100 x is a practical tractor, compatible with a range of implements that make it very useful in virtually any exploitation. If you like this model, but you prefer something with a little more power, then you should consider the Kubota M110X or Kubota M126X tractors.

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