John Deere GX355


The John Deere GX355 spectacés is the latest GX series model. Although this would make him think that it is the most powerful machine in the series, he would actually be wrong. The JD GX355 engine is not as powerful as that of the John Deere GX345 or that of the John Deere GX255. Its Yanmar 2V-78 diesel engine only produces 18 hp. This V Bicilinder engine is refrigerated by liquid and needs 3. 1 liters of refrigerant to completely fill the cooling system from a vacuum. To keep the engine completely lubricated and functioning effectively, the JD GX355 needs to be filled (from vacuum) with 2. 3 liters of motor oil. Thanks to its hydrostatic transmission, this John Deere host has an unlimited amount of speeds when moving forward and going back. The transmission system needs to be filled with 4. 7 liters of transmission liquid from vacuum.

The John Deere GX355 spectacés has an option of 2 cuts from the corteped that work well with him. These are a 4 8-inch mapping cover and a 5 4-inch mapping cover that are mi d-mounted. However, the JD GX355 garden tractor is just big to cut the grass, you can also join a wide variety of instruments to the front and the back of it to make it very capable around the garden. These include things like front unwinders, snow blowers mounted on the front, front blades, as well as many implements mounted in the rear such as scrapers, scarifiers, bleachers and utilitarian cars.

The John Deere GX355 was manufactured only for 3 years, from 2002 until its production ceased in 2005. Although the engine has only 18 hp, it is diesel, which makes it quite efficient compared to a similar power gasoline. However, since it is a diesel engine, it is slightly larger than an equivalent gasoline. Therefore, the JD GX355 weighs 336 kg.

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