Kubota L4400


The Kubota L4400 Compact Utility Tractor is very similar to the Kubota L2800 and Kubota L3400 tractors. However, the L 4400 tractor is considerably larger and more powerful. The engine in this tractor is an E-TVCS designed and manufactured by Kubota. This engine uses indirect injection and is a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that has an overall size of 2, 197 litres. This engine has a gross power of 45. 3 CV and a net power of 43 CV. The maximum power that has been measured from the PTO is 37. 5 CV. This engine uses a 12 volt battery to start it. This battery supplies the engine with 582 cold cranking amps.

The Kubota L4400 comes with a selection of configurations. You can get it with a 2WD or 4WD chassis. You also have a choice when it comes to streaming. You can choose between a constant gear and slip gear gearbox that gives the L 4400 eight speeds in forward and four in reverse. The other transmission option is a hydrostatic transmission that gives the tractor unlimited speeds in the high, medium and low ranges. For braking, the tractor is equipped with quality wet disc brakes. The tractor’s gear changing is done with a one-stage dry clutch.

The Kubota L4400 compact utility tractor can accommodate a wide range of useful attachments and implements. These include a selection of rear-mounted rotary ploughs. There are 3 options, a 40, 50 or 60 inch tiller. They all couple to the category 1 3 point hitch. This hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1300kg. The L4400 can also be fitted with a rear-mounted, dual-stage snow blower. This is a very large snow blower with a 74-inch width of cut. This tractor can also use a backhoe and a front loader.

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