Kubota GR1600


The Kubota GR1600 seat cutter is propelled by a diesel engine that has a power of 13. 5 hp, as well as its predecessor, the Kubota T1600 cut. The 2-cylinder engine of GR 1600 prevents overheating by means of a water cooling system. The engine power is transferred to the wheels using a hydrostatic transmission (HST). This means that there is no need for a change lever or clutch. Instead, you control the velocésped speed with a single pedal, stepping more thus if you want to go faster. This makes the handling of this vehicle in small spaces very efficient, since it can accelerate and stop quickly without having to worry about changing marching. The maximum speed of this cutter is 10 km/h when it moves forward, while it can reach a maximum speed of 5 km/h when it goes back.

The Kubota GR1600 fuel tank has a capacity of 18 liters. When measured, this garden cutter tractor measures 1. 11 m (43. 7 inches) wide while measuring 2. 71 m (106. 7 inches) long. 2. 71 m may seem very long for a seat corteped with a 13. 5 horsepower engine, but this is simply because it includes the Bagger accessory in the back of the corteped that has a capacity of 370 liters.

The cutting platform that comes standard with the Kubota GR1600 has a width of 1. 07 m (42 inches). Its height is adjustable from 2. 5 cm (1 inch) to 10. 2 cm (3. 9 inches). Instead of using a lever to adjust the height of the cutting platform, the GR1600 uses a dial to control the cutting height. The rear burn uses an easy emptying system designed by Kubota, which means you will never have to get off the machine to empty it.

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