Kubota F80 Snow Blower


The Kubota F80 snow blower is used almost exclusively by contractors and commercial equipment due to its size and cost. All the F80 series of series are attached to all series. This launch is also commonly known as the Kubota F5220 snow blower. Remember that both names refer exactly to the same model. The F80 has a cutting width barely greater than the Kubota BX60 snow blower with 1. 3 m (51 inches) and has a cutting height of 0. 56 m (21 inches). Like many of the Kubota models, the F80 attaches to a tractor or a large corteped by a quick hitch support. This allows the user to join and start using quittings very quickly, while further speeds up their decoupling.

As Kubota F80 quitans is a machine that is mainly used in commercial operations, Kubota designed it to be very strong with the expectation that it would receive many blows and bruises. For example, the snow blower duct has been built with very strong steel to avoid any deformation during operation. The landfill is also hydraulically adjustable from the operator seat for comfort.

The diameter of the endless used in the Kubota F80 snow blower measures 0. 35 m (13. 75 inches) and is built of very resistant steel, which means that it will not be easily folded if it accidentally aspires a small branch or rock. The impeller diameter is 0. 45 m and has 4 blades. In this way, you can easily face all snow conditions, whether compact, soft or even very humid. The F80 (also known as the Kubota F5220 snow turbine) uses sliding shoes adjustable by the operator to adapt to almost all conditions. This helps reduce scraping marks in pavements and roads.

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