Kubota BX23


The Kubota BX23 subcompact utility tractor was produced for only one year, from 2004 to the end of production in 2005. It is powered by Kubota’s own 3-cylinder E-TVCS diesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 0. 9 liters and provides the tractor with a maximum power of 22 CV. The engine sits on a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis which helps make this tractor very easy to control even in very difficult driving conditions. The engine transfers power to the wheels via a hydrostatic gearbox that provides the tractor with an infinite number of gears both while moving forward and in reverse.

The diesel fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 18. 9 litres. You’ll be happy to know that, according to anecdotal reports, the engine is incredibly efficient, burning very little fuel during operation. Many people love this tractor for the simple reason that it is so versatile, coming with a backhoe and the option of a mid-mounted mowing deck and front loader. People find the Kubota BT600 backhoe that comes with the Kubota BX23 very easy to use, although the seat can get a little uncomfortable even though it is completely comfortable to sit in when in the “normal” driving position.

The backhoe on the Kubota BX 23 (the Kubota BT600 backhoe) has a reasonable swing arc of 140 degrees, while the bucket can rotate 180 degrees. With the bucket having the ability to rotate so much, there would normally be a risk that it would swing towards the backhoe and could damage it. Fortunately, this is prevented by a damping system that drastically slows the rotation of the bucket as it approaches the backhoe. The bucket has a width of 1. 22 m and can support loads of up to 209 kg.

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