Kubota B7510


The Kubota B7510 compact utractor tractor has an adjustable rops. The B7510 is propelled by a diesel engine designed and manufactured by Kubota. This engine has 3 combustion cameras and is refrigerated by liquid. Use a double element air filter to prevent dust and other small particles from entering combustion chambers and can obstruct them. The total power generated by this engine is 21 hp. It is lubricated from an oil crankcase that has a capacity of 3 liters.

There are 2 transmission options for the Kubota B7510 tractor. The first gives 6 marches for when it moves forward, while it gives 2 for the reverse. The other is a hydrostatic transmission that provides an infinite number of marches in straight and an infinite number in reverse. This means that the B7510 compact tractor does not use a gear lever, but only pedals to control its speed.

There are 3 variants of Kubota B7510. The first is the Kubota B7510dtn that has a narrow structure, which allows it to approach the trees. The Kubota B7510DT uses the gear transmission that provides 6 marches forward and 2 marches. The Kubota B7510HSD is the tractor with hydrostatic transmission. The 3 variants have a fuel tank with capacity for 20. 1 liters of diesel. Use a 3-point category 1 hitch to carry implements in the back of the tractor. This 3-point hitch has a rear elevation capacity of 750 kg (1655 lbs). The Kubota B7510HSD weighs 620 kg, while the normal Kubota B7510dt and the DTN version weigh 600 kg. The 3 variants have a wheelbase of 1. 5 m (59. 1 inches).

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