Kubota B3000


There are actually 2 slight variations of the Kubota B3000 tractor. One is the Kubota B3000HSDC and the other is the Kubota B3000HSDCC. There is very little difference between the 2 except for the mounted mounted covers in the environment that can accommodate, hydraulic control systems and alternators. Both have the same engine. It is a 4-cylinder Kubota E-TVCS diesel engine with a total displacement of 1, 498 liters. It is a 4-cylinder engine that has a total power of 30 hp. The engine uses a pressure forced lubrication system to avoid wear of mobile parts. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and uses a pressurized radiator to dissipate heat. The fuel tank, which supplies diesel to the engine, can contain up to 31 liters of diesel. The engine is started using a 12 volt battery that is recharged with an alternator of 40 amps (Kubota B3000HSDC) or 60 amps (Kubota B3000HSDCC).

The transmission of the Kubota B3000 is an HST hydrostatic with 3 ranges (HI, medium and what) similar to the gearboxes that you will find in the majority of the rest of the series B. This transmission provides a maximum speed of 19. 5 km/H forward, while backing has a maximum speed of 15. 5 km/h. The total length of tractor B 3000 is 2. 64 m (104 inches), while the wheelbase is 1. 67 m (65. 7 inches). The tractor weighs 1030 kg without implements.

The Kubota B3000 is compatible with a series of implements. These include the option of a cutting platform mounted in the center that has a 6-inch cut width or a much larger platform with a 7 2-inch cut width. The cuttin g-class platform has 3 blades and can be lifted from a height of 1. 5 inches to a height of 4 inches above the ground. There is also a 403 front loader that can be united as well as a BH77 backhoe. Similar models, which are slightly smaller include the Kubota B2630 and the Kubota B2920 tractors.

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