John Deere 2520


The John Deere 2520 compact utility tractor is a larger model than the John Deere 2320 tractor. The JD 2520 is powered by a 3-cylinder, Yanmar, diesel engine. This model number is 3TNV82A. This engine has a displacement of 1. 33 liters and is liquid-cooled using a cooling system that requires 3. 9 liters of coolant to fill it completely. The pressurized lubrication system holds 3. 6 liters of oil. The engine is started by a 12-volt battery that produces 500 cold cranking amps. The battery is recharged by a 20 amp alternator.

The John Deere 2520’s fuel tank holds 26. 9 liters of gasoline, giving the machine quite a long continuous run time before having to refill. Power from the engine reaches the wheels after first passing through the transmission case. This is a 2-range hydrostatic transmission that gives the JD 2520 a top speed of 21 km/h (13 mph). Acceleration is controlled by Twin Touch pedals, while braking is done by an oil bath disc brake system. You’ll also be happy to know that this compact utility tractor comes with power steering as standard. The hydraulic system on this machine has a maximum operating pressure of 2418 PSI.

The John Deere 2520 weighs 846 kg when shipped. It has a minimum turning radius of 2. 3m when the brakes are also on. The wheelbase of the JD 2520 is 1. 66 m (65. 2 in). There are a number of accessories compatible with this tractor. They obviously include a range of mower decks (60, 62 and 70 inch), but also a range of snow plows. These include a John Deere 47″ snow blower, a John Deere 54″ snow blower and a John Deere 59″ snow blower.

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