Ariens Max Zoom 52


The 5 2-inch Zoom Zoom Zoom Giro Zoom Specked is propelled by the same Kawasaki Bicylinder engine of the FR series that is used to propel the 4 8-inch Ariens Max Zoom Spell of 48 inches. This engine has a displacement of 0. 726 liters and develops 24 hp. This power is transmitted to the cutting platform, which is activated by an GT1A Ogura clutch. The Max Zoom 52 ″ cutting cutting platform is raised and lowered from 2. 5 to 5 cm above the ground using a pedal. It can be moved in 0. 5-inch increases. The cutting platform is made of 10 caliber soldier steel.

Located at the front of the cutting platform is a number of small anti-discamination plastic wheels to prevent the scratch and scratch scratch platform from the grass surface that is working. To treat the cuts of the Ariens Max Zoom 52, you have 3 options. The easiest option is simply to download the cuts on the side of the cutting platform. However, he may not like his antistics presence on the grass. So what many people do is buy and install an optional Mulching kit. This turns the grass cuts into a pulp that rots quickly on the ground. For your grass to look more careful, you can opt for an optional accessory to collect grass cuts.

If you are looking for a larger model than the Max Zoom 52, then you should consider the Ariens Max Zoom 60. This machine using it in the dark or twilight, so you should consider the purchase of optional headlights for it. If you have or have possessed one of these backs back zero, then please leave a review of it down to let others know what they should expect from it.

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