Husqvarna LTH1438


The Husqvarna LTH1438 cutter tractor has a 3 8-inch cutting platform. This cutting platform has 6 different operating heights that each vary by approximately 0. 5 inches. It can be lowered to 0. 5 inches above the ground and lift up to 3. 5 inches above the ground. There are 2 blades inside the LTH 1438 platform. These blades are manually engaged and are operated by Correa. The platform has 2 small wheels.

The engine that drives the Husqvarna LTH1438 is a Briggs and Stratton intek model. This engine has a total volume of 0. 508 liters. It is a cylinder model that uses a standard air filter to prevent dust and other small particles from entering the combustion chamber, where they could obstruct it and reduce its performance. The engine has a maximum 14 hp power that transfers to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides infinite speeds both forward and back. The speed of the Lth 1438 Cortorésped tractor is controlled by a lever.

Although the Husqvarna LTH1438 is not as large as other Husqvarna cutters, such as the LGT24K54 Husqvarna or the Husqvarna Yth26V54, it remains a quality machine if you have a small grass between 0. 5 and 3 acres. You will notice that the Wheels of the LTH 1438 are much smaller than those of most Husqvarna hut. The rear wheels that drive it measure each 18 × 9. 5 (18 inches in diameter, 9. 5 inches of width) while the front wheels measure each 15 × 6 (15 inches in diameter, 6 inches of width). Both wheels have a grass thread. If you have used or possessed this pride, after let others know what you think of it leaving a review below with you thoughts on it.

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