John Deere X324


The John Deere X324 spectacés is a model superior to the Jardin Jardin Deere X320 and John Deere X300 garden. It obtains its power of a 2 2-horsepower kawasaki engine and 0. 726 liters. It starts with battery and the battery is loaded by a 15 amps load system. JD X324 uses a K58 automatic transmission to transmit motor power to the wheels. The operator needs to use the Twin Touch pedals to control the advance or setback. There is no gear lever, which greatly facilitates the management of the machine. In front, the corteped reaches a maximum speed of 8 km/h, while reverse can reach 8 km/h.

John Deere X324 tires have a 15-inch diameter and a 6-inch width (15 × 6-6). The rear tires have a diameter of 20 inches and a 10-inch width (20 × 10-10). The big thing about the JD X324 is that it is designed very well for small gardens with the portion of difficult areas where there is not much space to turn. Its 4 guidelines give it a turn radius of only 15 inches. The cutting platform of this corteped has a 4 8-inch width and can be adjusted from a height of 1 inch from the ground to 4 inches in a quarter of an inch.

The host discharges the grass from the side. However, with the addition of a mulching cap, you can crush the grass in its place. Or with a tidker at the back, you can collect all grass cuts. The total weight of John Deere X324 is 324 kg, a fairly reasonable weight for a driver’s host. Its height is 1. 09 m (43 inches). When the host is mounted, the total width of the machine is 1. 56 m (61. 5 inches).

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