John Deere 445S


There are 2 different JD machines, John Deere 445. This John Deere 445 is a corteped, while the page on which it is currently on the JD 445s which is a tractor. The John Deere 445s was built in Argentina. It was specifically marketed for the South American market and proved to be quite popular with a production that lasted 11 years, since 1963, when it was first introduced, until 1973, when it stopped manufactured. One of the most interesting aspects of this tractor is the difference in size between the front and rear wheels.

Tractor John Deere 445s obtains his power from an engine made by John Deere. This engine is a 2-cylinder model that has a total volume of 1. 7 liters. The engine is prevented too much thanks to a liquid cooling radiator system that moves the excessive heat away from the engine. The engine has a regime of 1850 rpm. The engine is built on a normal 4 × 2wd chassis. The tractor is very light. In fact, you can even find some very small compact utility tractors for sale that are heavier than this. The total weight of JD 445s is 952 kg (2100 lbs).

While John Deere 445s is not a very common tractor, especially in the US, it is well known throughout South America. So if you have ever had or managed the JD 445s tractor, then make sure you leave a review of your experiences with him in the field below. Try to include any modification you have made (or have to do).

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