John Deere WE85


The John Deere We85 thrust sprout is very similar to the John Deere We80 thrust website in many aspects. The differences between the two machines are quite lower. However, John Deere G15 is a much larger machine. The JD We85 also uses a 0. 179 liter Kawasaki engine. This engine has an operating speed of 330 rpm. This cutter is sel f-propelled and has 3 different speeds, ranging from 3. 9 kph (2. 4 mph) to 6. 6 kph (4. 1 mph).

The total height of the John Deere We85 from the ground level is 1. 02 m (40 inches), while measuring 0. 91 m (36 inches) long. Its cutting width is 21 inches, although the total width of the machine is 22 inches. The weight of the We85 JD is 61. 7 kg. The cup of the cutter is operated by crankshaft and the speed of the blade (measured on the tip) is 18, 400 FPM.

When buying the John Deere We85 new from a JD, you can get it with a 2-year guarantee if you are buying it for personal use. However, if you are buying it for commercial use, then there is only an available one year guarantee. If you have a garden that is wherever 0. 25 to 1. 25 acres of size, then the JD we85 will be suitable for the work. However, if your garden happens to be larger than this, then you should consider getting a larger grass cutter than this, possibly even a walk in the grass cutter. If you own or have used a We 85, then others would appreciate more about it. So please leave a review of it below, making sure both the pros and cons of the same, as well as any other comment that you have in it.

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