John Deere LX279


The John Deere LX279 mower is the improved version of the John Deere LX277, although it is not as big as the John Deere LX288. The JD LX279 enjoyed a 4-year production run, from 1999 when it rolled off the production line in Horicon, Wisconsin, until production of this model ceased in 2003. The machine is built on a 4X2 2WD chassis that housesa Kawasaki FH500V engine with a displacement of 0. 493 liters. This 2-cylinder engine is air-cooled and has a total power to the wheels and blade of 17 HP.

Thanks to its Tuff Torq transmission found in numerous other JD mowers, the John Deere LX279 is an automatic that requires no gear changing at all. Instead it uses special Twin Touch pedals, which the operator can use to move forward or backward. The fuel tank capacity of the JD LX279 mower is 3 US gallons (11. 4 liters), which will give the operator many hours of use before having to refill.

Wet disc brakes are used to control the speed of the John Deere LX279 mower, offering fantastic stopping capabilities. The total weight of this machine is 222 kg. Most people are more than happy with the JD LX279 as their mower. It’s certainly not the most powerful machine made by John Deere to mow your lawn, but it’s quite flexible thanks to the fact that many different mower decks can be attached to it (it’s compatible with 38-inch, 42-inch, 44-inch, and 48-inch decks). This without forgetting other accessories such as front blades and brushcutters. If you own a John Deere LX279 mower, please leave a comment below, so others know what to expect if they purchase one.

8 Reviews of the John Deere LX279

Overall it’s not a bad machine, it definitely has some quirks. Honestly, for the money I think you’re better off buying an Exmark mower. The pro models, not the ones they sell at Lowes and Home Depot. It will cost more, but in the long run it’s definitely worth it. You buy these cheap big box mowers eventually your gonna run into all sorts of mechanical problems.

Complete garbage. I will never buy John Deere again. Nothing but trouble.

I have tried to give my honest opinion of this product and it seems easier to reach complaints than praise when criticizing a product. Overall, I enjoy my JD LX-279. There are weeks when I can’t wait to mow the lawn.

Other “pros” are the smooth-running water-cooled V-twin Kawasaki engine. It comes with a sealed pressurized sump that ensures proper oil distribution throughout the engine regardless of the terrain.

I recently had to replace some rotten rubber fuel lines and the engine has started to smoke on start up. I’ll look into that problem but it acts like other engines I’ve had that burn valve seals and allow oil to drain from the heads to the cylinder when shut down. Still, aside from the embarrassment of a blue puff of smoke, the problem doesn’t do any real harm.

I’m also a little disappointed in the deck of the mower. Doesn’t cut as evenly as I’d like, didn’t spread clippings well before installing mulching kit. Also, the mulching kit doesn’t do a great job with dispersing the shredded grass.

I understand that the plastic trim helps improve the appearance of the tractor, but sooner or later they are going to hit something and goodbye to the plastic trim! A steel bumper would work best.

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