John Deere LX178


The John Deere LX178 is a popular JD spot that was built in its Horicon plant during the 1990s in a production that lasted 8 years from 1990 to 1998. It has a Kawasaki FD440V engine as standard (also known as the K-motor series JohnDeere). This 2-cylinder gasoline and natural aspiration engine has a displacement of only 0. 4 liters and produces 15 hp. Although the engine is quite small, it is refrigerated by liquid. The hydrostatic transmission of the JD LX 178 transfers this power to its 4 × 2wd chassis, which provides a maximum speed of 8 km/h.

The John Deere LX178 gasoline deposit may contain 9. 5 liters of gasoline, which is enough for a few hours of operation. It has an option of covers of the cutcase and other accessories that can accommodate. There are 3 different cutting covers that adapt well to the JD LX178: a 0. 96 m cover (38 inches), a 1. 11 m cover (44 inches) and a 1. 21 m cutting cover (48inches). It also has 2 types of snow blowers from a stage mounted on the front: a 0. 96 m (3 8-inch) snow blower and a 1. 06 m snow blower (42 inches).

This cutcase also has an adjustable seat suspension to remain comfortable depending on the weight of the operator. The John Deere Lx 178 does not come with standard cabin, although it has the option of using an umbrella for particularly hot conditions. The 15 amps alternator of LX 178 loads the 12 V battery during operation so that the key is always working. This is much better than other corteped tractors that usually use a traction cable to start.

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