John Deere 2653B Precision Cut


The John Deere 2653b Precision Cut and Surrounds Speaker obtains its power from a Yanmar TNV70-XJGM diesel engine. This engine uses a 2-stage air filter to clean the air inlet of grass cuts and other particles before they are combined with the fuel mixture. The engine remains cold thanks to a liquid cooling system. The engine uses a total pressure lubrication system to prevent all mobile parts from grabbing. The lubrication system capacity is 3 liters. The total 3-cylinder engine displacement is 0. 854 liters. The fuel tank capacity 2653B is 28 liters.

The power of the John Deere 2653b Precision CUT is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the infinite speeds from both ahead and backwards. The JD 2653B cut unit is entered by hand. The cutting unit rises and descends by hydraulic cylinders. The cutting unit itself consists of 3 units. The total cutting width varies from 72 to 84 inches, depending on the size of the 3 mowing units. Each cutting unit consists of a mill (basically a cylinder) that has 5 or 8 blades coupled. The diameter of each mill is 7 inches.

The wheelbase of the John Deere 2653b Precision Cut is 55 inches and has a total height of 82 inches when the antivuelco bar (Rops) is in an upright position. The minimum rotation radius of JD 2653b is 20 inches. The rear wheel of this cutter measures 20 × 10-8 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches wide, 8 inches in tire diameter) while the 2 front wheels measure each 20 × 10-10 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches wide, 10 inches in tire diameter). The maximum speed at which it can move while mowing is 8 km/h, but without the mowing unit coupled, it can move to 13. 7 km/h.

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