John Deere 3120


The John Deere 3120 compact tractor is used primarily on golf courses. It is part of a series of JD tractors that includes the compact John Deere 3320 tractor that you will commonly find in lawn care. The engine that powers the 3120 is a Yanmar diesel that produces 19. 5 horsepower. It is a 5 liter 3 cylinder engine, which requires 7. 6 liters of oil and has a liquid cooling system which requires 5 liters of coolant. The 3120’s 29. 5 horsepower is transferred to the wheels through its 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis using an eHydro transmission that gives the John Deere 3120 3 forward and 3 reverse gears.

The JD 3120’s 12 volt battery is charged by a 40 amp alternator. It uses a direct injection fuel system which makes starting this compact utility tractor quite easy. It has power steering for added control and uses a wet disc braking system. The hydraulic system on the John Deere 3120 can run at a maximum of 250 PSI.

The iMatch 3-point hitch at the rear of the tractor is Category 1 and can lift a maximum of 2, 500 lbs. The tractor’s rear PTO spins at 540 rpm, while the optional center PTO spins at 2, 100 rpm and is obviously there to carry a mid-mounted mowing deck. The John Deere 3120 doesn’t have the option of a cab, but it does come equipped with an OSHA and ASAE certified roll bar to help protect you from being crushed in the off chance that the tractor tips over. The tractor weighs 1, 360 kg and has a wheelbase of 1. 72 m. Its minimum turning radius is 2. 8 m. The JD 3120 can carry a wide range of attachments, from disc mowers, wheel rakes, front loaders and sprayers to box cutters, muck spreaders, backhoes, rear mounted mowing decks and of course mowing decks. mounted in the center.

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