John Deere LESCO WL95B


The John Deere Lesco WL95B is the largest in the entire current lesco of sel f-propelled grass cutters that is currently sold by John Deere. The JD Lesco WL95B is operated by a Kawasaki FH580V gasoline engine that produces 19 horsepower. This bicylindrical engine is ai r-cooled and has a displacement of 0. 585 liters. The pressure oil lubrication system keeps the engine lubricated effectively throughout the operation and helps prevent excessive wear of mobile parts. The engine feeds with gasoline from an 18. 9 liter tank.

The engine power is transferred to the 4 8-inch cutting platform through an electric clutch of the TDF. This gives the John Deere Lesco WL95B a maximum speed of 11. 3 kph (7 mph) forward, which makes it one of the fastest on foot behind the grass cutters never checked in Review tractor. The JD WL95B has an operator’s presence system incorporated into the machine so that if the operator falls and releases the loop handlebar, then the engine will go out and the chills of the host will stop rotating.

The total weight of the John Deere Lesco WL95B is high, 348. 8 kg (769 lbs), but it is understandable when it is considered the fact that the cutting width of the corteped is 48 inches, which is larger than many seats of seat. If you are looking for a similar size of Lesco, then check out the John Deere Lesco WL93B, which has the same engine and has a cutting platform of the same size. If you are looking for something smaller, then the John Deere Lesco WL90B Sel f-propelled cutter could have your fantasy.

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