John Deere LESCO WL80B


The sel f-propelled cutter John Deere Lesco WL80B is the smallest sel f-propelled cutter in the current range of Lesco. The JD Lesco WL80B is propelled by a tw o-cylinder kawasaki engine produced by 13 hp. The engine model is FH381V. This engine produces its maximum power when shooting at 3600 rpm. The engine has a size of 0. 369 liters and curiously the crankshaft is aligned vertically. The pressure lubrication system maintains all the continuously greased work pieces to avoid any severe wear. The engine is not overheats thanks to an air cooling system.

The engine power is transferred to the wheels of the John Deere Lesco WL80B passing through a 5-speed peerless gearbox (+1 speed for reverse back). In this way, the WL80B Lesco reaches a maximum speed of 8. 7 km/h when it circulates forward and 4. 3 km/h when it does it back. The majority of sel f-propelled thrusts have a long and straight handlebar to rely on. However, the JD WL80B has 2 gun handles from which everything is controlled. The rear tires, through which the power passes, measure 13 × 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 5 inches of width, 6 inches in tire diameter) and are full of air, while the front tires are actually wheelrotating that measure 9 × 3. 5-4 (9 inches in diameter, 3. 5 inches of width, 4 inches in tire diameter).

As the John Deere Lesco WL80B is the smallest of the current JD Lesco Specific line, it is also quite light, tilting the balance at 259. 5 kg (572 pounds). The cutting platform of this model has a 3 2-inch cut width and is made of 7 caliber steel, resistant and durable. If you are more interested in a larger model, compared to this one, you may be like to make a look at the John Deere Lesco Wl83B or the John Deere Lesco WL85B walk behind the cuts.

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