John Deere LESCO SL88A


The John Deere LESCO SL88A zero-turn, stand-on mower is the largest in LESCO’s line of stand-on mowers. It is very similar to the John Deere LESCO SL85A mower in almost every way, while being much, much larger than the John Deere LESCO SL80A mower. The engine powering the JD LESCO SL88A is a Kawasaki designed and built engine that has a displacement of 0. 585 liters. The twin-cylinder engine runs at 3, 600rpm and uses a full-pressure lubrication system to prevent moving parts from wearing or corroding easily. To filter the air entering the engine, a dual element cartridge filter is used which has a very long life before it needs to be replaced. The Kawasaki engine is air-cooled and is started by a 12-volt battery. This 12V battery is recharged by a 15 amp alternator once the engine is running.

The deck of the John Deere LESCO SL88A mower is highly durable as it is made from 7 gauge steel. This mower deck has a 1. 5 meter cutting width. This mower deck has a 48-inch width of cut and engages with a PTO electric clutch. A Hydro-Gear dual hydrostatic transmission is used to give the JD LESCO SL88A infinite speeds going forward as well as reverse. It allows the operator to control the rear wheels independently of each other, allowing you to make zero radius turns.

The mower deck height on the John Deere LESCO SL88A can be adjusted very easily and quickly from as high as 4. 5 inches above the ground to as low as 1. 5 inches in 0. 5 inch increments. The fuel tank that supplies gasoline to the engine is large, with a maximum capacity of 22 liters of fuel.

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