John Deere LA145


The John Deere La145 is a very large and powerful modern jd. This garden tractor is perfect for anyone with a large garden or commercial gardening company.

Its Briggs & Stratton Bicilindric engine of 656 CC pumps an impressive power of 22 hp (much more than most of the cutters that are currently in the market). This translates into a reasonable advance speed of 8 km/h, while in reverse can reach just over 5 km/h. Fortunately, it has serial cruise control, which means that at least if you are cutting large flat areas, you don’t have to concentrate too much. The fuel tank has capacity for 4 gallons of gasoline, while in the California model there are only 2. 25 gallons. The 2 pedal hydrostatic transmission allows the machine to change easily and quickly. Their rear tires have a diameter of 20 inches and a 6-inch width, while rear tires have a diameter of 20 inches and a 1 0-inch width, which means that the John Deere la145 rarely or never slips, even inVery muddy lands.

It is also good to take into account, for those who plan to use the JD LA145 in areas with corners and cracks that the rotation radius is only 18 inches allowing this large corteped to rotate easily inside a very small space. The cutting platform is very large in this corteped model, reaching 48 inches wide that will quickly become a weed field on a very careful grass. The total length of John Deere 145 is a little less than 49 inches (48. 9 to be exact), while measuring 70 inches long.

Cut grass cuts are expelled by the side of this garden tractor, but also has the option of attaching a 2-bag from John Deere bags with a capacity for 6. 5 grass bushels. This in addition to other optional accessories, such as snow blowers, rollers, awnings and rotating feathers.

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